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Mastery and my Life!

The book I am currently reading is ‘Mastery’ by Mr. Robert Geene. For now, I have just read three pages of it but it looks interesting. Actually, Saima, my friend recommended me this book. I liked the topic of it and then went on to read a review by Lucy Kellaway. I was moved as I read the first sentence, “We are all Geniuses now”.

This book is about being master at the things that matter. It is not necessary that you should born with some God Gifted abilities or should belong to a higher caliber gene pool. We all can learn how to be master of our fates. This sounds great. I will keep you updated about what I learned from Mr. Geene’s wisdom.

Other than that, I am feeling blank right now and I don’t know what to write. Therefore, I am going to write whatever crosses my mind.

Let’s start with the frustration.

I have been writing posts that matter to me but it came all down to this: Nobody is reading my posts!. It’s not that people are being bad with me. It’s just that Search Engines are not allowing my posts to appear in search results. There are many reasons for that. The first is that my website is new. The second most obvious one is that my content is weak and of low quality with respect to my competitors. I understand that rising to the top will take some time. But still, it hurts.

So, I have decided that I won’t monitor my stats and will just keep the focus on reading books and writing what I have learned from them. This is the better way to live a happier life than cursing myself for not doing something ‘remarkable’.

My one friend Saima B, has suggested me to write an eBook about work-life issues. Seth Godin’s Linchpin type. I think it’s a good idea. To write a book and then to gift it to people I know and through emails to people who are managing the workforce and those who are being managed. Maybe then my idea will spread.

I am still working on the table of the content. I want to write a book which would give frustrated people hope. Managers, a better way of dealing with their staff. I have been through all these things and I have first-hand experiences of feelings like frustration, de-motivation, anxiety. The reason? I have been doing a dead-end job since I stepped into practical life. Why? Because I haven’t a professional degree and therefore can’t move up.

I also doing research work. As the first step, I have set up Google Alerts for words like Work-Life Balance, Motivation, How to get promoted, How to make friends, Favoritism, Office Politics etc. Now the step is to read what Google sends to me on a daily basis for my mentioned keywords.

I hope that I am going to actually finish a book I am dreaming to write. This needs determination and will to do. I must be happy to write so I need cans of happiness because I am always short of their supply. How do I keep myself happy then? I read books to keep myself happy. This is the only way I can get rid of worldly problems that are all surrounding me.

I am also thinking about pricing of my book. Don’t worry it will be free. After all, who will pay me? I am not the famous author or anything to near to it. I have yet to establish my authority. Anyway, I still have a plan. I am thinking that at the end of the book I will leave a personal request, saying, ” If you like this book and appreciate my effort then kindly pay me only $5. For more information, please visit my contact me page.” 😀

Joke apart, I have to still learn a lot. If I will keep worrying about earning money, I will end up doing nothing. So, all the focus is to use words and thoughts rightly.

Another thing that I learned today. By the way, I always keep my search on for learning something new every day. It was about the famous phrase, ‘Words are Powerful’. Brian is of the view that it’s a wrong statement. The real truth is that Right Words are powerful. And wrong words are just a waste of time.

How? In this Internet world, if I don’t use correct words in my headlines, people won’t be able to see me. The selection of wrong words to target the right people will never get me there, in front of their eyes. It has been always important that a good writer should know how to use right words and now its more important than ever before.

I couldn’t agree more with Brian.

So, this is all for today. I will come up with some more useful information soon.

Best regards,

Waqar Ahmed

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