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8 Surefire Ways to Success, Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

Success is what you want, and it’s the only thing I am running after too. But we can’t be successful by just daydreaming or by just praying for it.

Here’s the interesting question to ponder. You know where the success is? The answer is simple: It’s behind the bloody ‘Pain”. We can only get success if we first open our arms to embrace the “Pain”. Only after passing through the pain- process, one can go and kiss the success’s face.

No matter whether success is big or small; it’s always behind the pain. Think, why people admire successful people? Because they feel like superior to them. Because they do something 99% of the people can’t do. And why the majority of people is not successful? Again, because they can’t bear the pain that comes in the way of meeting a success.

In human beings, the biggest pain-absorber is the mother. We even can’t imagine the severity of pain from which she passes through to get us here in this world. That’s why we love our mothers more than anything. That’s why our mother loves us more than anything. That’s why the mother has such a high level of respect across all the cultures.

Success is the result of discipline, and it’s a painful feat to be a disciplined person. You have to have some strict principles, values, and a high moral character. But it’s worth facing a lot of obstacles to be successful. I assure you, once you have got yourself streamlined, discipline becomes your ally, your strength, and finally it gives you wings to fly high.

So are you ready to become successful, healthy, wealthy and wise?

So here we go.

1. Exercise.

As I just mentioned above, for being successful you will need to face hardships. And for that, you will need to be healthy, need to have energy reservoir, and you will have to make your immune system stronger.

Naturally, we the humans are built for manual work. But now as we have tools and technology to do our work, we have become lazy and don’t sweat often. From the day of Adam till the Industrial Revolution, it was natural to do exercise, as the farming was all physical, industrial work was all manual.

But now, in this 21st century, you will have to make an effort to do exercise, to boil your blood and pump your heart harder. So the advice is, go and do some exercise. This is what your body needs to get toxic elements out and speed up the self-recovery process.

The best place to exercise is a gym of course, but if you are always short of time or gym is far away, try to warm up your body at home.

Here are three best websites that can teach you about doing exercise at home.

  1. Fitness Blender , founded by Daniel and Kelli who are happily married partners. They have been doing a great job, have a lot of videos to teach you about all the type of exercises.
  2. Sweaty Betty , is the wonderful resource for getting your body in shape. It has a lot of tutorial videos so that you can watch and learn and be your own trainer. If you are interested in Yoga, Sweaty Betty has a lot of stuff aiming at making you a perfect Yogi.
  3. Lauren Hefez, She is an expert, amiable and a very good trainer. Lauren shares almost everything about various types of experiences at her blog. By following her footsteps, you can know well what to eat, how to workout, or you can go and take her classes.

2. Have fewer but good friends.

You don’t need a lot of friends, believe me. The more friends you will have the more time they will consume. These are the relatives you can’t choose, but with friends, you have all the control. The best decision you can make about having friends is that you should go for people who have same objectives as you do have.

Avoid people who can drag you down, who make you feel like you can’t achieve your goals or the people who always taunt you. You need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Unfriend them at Facebook, block them on Twitter and delete their emails.

3. Be creative

The true success is when you can create something from nothing. For me, creativity is to create blog posts. The best thing about being a creator is that you don’t have to be dependent on any job, person or anything.

The act of creating something is self-rewarding, liberating and energizing. Do anything, go through any pain, and learn your art. Try your best to have your surviving tools with you.

In this Internet era, creative people are in demand. If you want independence, respect and a big room for success and money, the only hope is to become a creator. Utilize your potential and see what it is that you can create.

4. Avoid leaks at all costs

Successful people have a leak-proof personality. If you want that people must respect you, that media should praise you, don’t indulge in things that might embarrass you. Don’t let anyone give a chance to blackmail you, and to hurt your reputation. Remember, reputation is everything. With a good reputation, you can achieve a lot, like collecting thousands of dollars (like Ford did) even before he shipped his car, selling your products to customers, and to get people at your side.

5. Migrate

Maybe by applying all the strategies, I mentioned above won’t bring you success. Why? Because sometimes, you will have to leave your birthplace and migrate to some other city or country for being successful.

Some dreams can only be fulfilled if you move closer to them physically. For example, if you want to work in Hollywood you will have to go to Los Angeles. If your dream is to get job at Google, then moving to California is only the way out. Similarly, if you want to have Masters degree in Computer Science then getting admission is the only solution. Your dream can come true only when you will dare to leave your home. Here’s the link about knowing how and why people migrate.

6. Be Grateful

Without being grateful you will remain upset, disappointed and frustrated. So if you want to be successful, you have no option but to be grateful. Be thankful For everything you have, for the blessings you can’t count. No matter how bad your circumstances are, still you are way better than at least 4 billion people at least. If you have forgot how to be grateful. Here’s the post to remind you. The simple thing you can do to be remain happy is to appreciate people for the things they do for you, for what they mean to you. Saying thanks is the best way to be grateful and to make people happy.

7. Learn when to surrender

The seventh surefire way to success is to learn when its the appropriate time to surrender. Sometimes saying, ‘I can’t do’ is better than not quitting. Surrender when you are stuck in a bad relationship, surrender when you think going like that will mean more losses (emotional and financial) to you. Surrender when you see a better opportunity than the one you are availing and working at.

8. Have a lovely heart

When you have a heart full of love and positive energy, you perform better, think deeper and live a joyful life. I can’t prove that but when you have love inside, when you think good about people, you start to emit ‘positive rays’ from your body. Emission of such positive energy from your body attracts people and they feel compel to be good with you. That’s why we have a saying, ‘Love breeds love’. Curious to know how can you bring such positive vibes in your body: Here’s the link to positivity.

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