Self Improvement

12 Ways to live your best life.

I have always been searching for best ways to live the best life.

You know we are here just for once.

When you have just one chance, you try your level best to avail it as best as you can.

To be honest, just one chance, and I wasn’t good at availing it. I wasn’t successful, happier and or achieved anything in my life, for straight 30 years.

Couldn’t get academic degree nor a well-paying job.

But I kept learning and enlarging my worldview, and somehow I now feel like- I am on the right track.

Now I am better at controlling my feelings and at understanding others. My experience and conscious efforts have made me better at setting my goals and then in achieving them.

I started from a job in which I just had to type the letters (handwritten by my officers) and file log sheets.

I knew I was left behind, I knew what I have done.

Instead of just reprimanding myself, I decided to take actions and change my life, the way I look myself and the way people recognize me.

So here are my….

Burst Out of Bed

Just don’t wake up, burst out of your bed. With full energy and enthusiasm.

I have a day job so waking up in the morning is compulsory to me. But Still I couldn’t get out of bed till 7:15 am. As a result, I was always late. My health kept deteriorating as I always missed my breakfast.

Then I changed this habit of waking late and became the early riser. Thanks to Jairek Robbins, who taught me this in his book “Live it”.

Now I wake up around 5:30 am and that too without setting an alarm.

Just before going to bed at night, I tell myself, “Wake me up at 5:30 am“. So, now I always wake up at 5:30 am. It turns out there is a clock in my mind. It’s also built-in your mound too. You just need to rely on it and it will always be there to wake you up.

Just after waking up I kiss my sleeping son and pay my thanks to God for another day and opportunity.

In this lonely time (5:30 am to 6:30 am), I plan on my day. I think about the topic of my post and make an outline for it. I check my website stats to know how many people have visited my website. And then I think about what I am going to teach to my students or any other thing that is of high priority.

Then my wife wakes up and she prepares my breakfast that I do regularly after getting the shower.

Hug More, Kiss More and Touch More!

One day, I stumbled on Gretchen Rubin’s post about marriage mistakes. I came to know what was missing in my life. In her post, she is telling all of us (married couples) to HMKMTM.

The benefit of hugging, kissing and touching is this: Oxytocin level boosts up in our body. Oxytocin is the hormone that generates the feeling of happiness in our body.

So now I give a hug to my wife early in the morning while I leave for the office and kiss my son. This is the best and scientific way to start day happily.

Fake it till you make it.

At first, before making this mantra part of my life, I was suspicious of this saying. I would wonder, how can somebody fake it and then things would eventually improve for oneself?. I

thought to try it and now I am the biggest preacher of “fake it till you make it“.

It’s because of this “fake it till you make it” that I started this blog and wrote about things I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to be successful, how to make money online.

What I did was this: I kept studying various blogs and then wrote like I know what I am saying. This continuous practice of faking taught me a lot, and now I can say that, yes I know a lot about blogging, motivation, spirituality.

You too should give it a try. If you are not feeling like smiling, fake it. You will find that your fake smile is leading you towards a genuine smile. If you want to be the good orator but you ain’t, fake it. You will transform yourself into a good one. If you want to be a good writer, pretend like you are. And you will be, I am sure.

Talk to people You Actually ‘Like’.

The beauty of being in touch with the people you like is this: They can make you smile even when you are very angry, tense or depressed. In short, they can uplift your spirit in a wondrous way. They are the people to whom you turn back and say, “Hey buddy, I am feeling depressed”.

Instead of just talking or spending your time with people you call “friends”, be with the people you actually ‘like’. You have a kind of emotional connection with them and they are the people who can soothe you, can console you in your darkest hour.

Get rid of naysayers

Immediately. They are the people who will always look for pulling you down. Who will often tell you, “You can’t do it.” If you are under their influence due to the job description or any other reason, seek a way out of them. Similarly, if you are in a relationship in which you are just draining yourself. Say Goodbye!

Respect your parents so shall you be respected

Though our parents don’t say this loudly, they really want us to show them that we respect them. That, they aren’t a burden on us. That, we need their prayers.

In reality, parents are the ‘blessings’.

In today’s tough economic conditions, it’s an arduous task to take care of parents. But still, we should be very kind, very much humble and be loving towards them.

If we will be good towards our parents, our kids will also be good towards us. This is called consequences of actions.

Get rid of fears

Fears are the number one bottleneck to success. In my view, there are two types of fears.

Good fears are the ones that are making you a law-abiding citizen. Making you drive safely. Forcing you to remain loyal to your spouse. Or the fear of losing the job that helps you to wake up early in the morning, be punctual and obey the orders, and doing your best.

You need these types of fears to function and behave properly.

Bad fears are the ones that are restricting you from achieving big. Like fear of initiating a big project. Fear of not contacting a person who can really help you. Fear of getting rejected.

You need to get rid of these fears because only then you will be able to do something remarkable.

Read inspirational books

This is must thing for living a happier, motivated life and best life.

Books are the door towards new ideas, new knowledge and towards inspiration, of course.

Reading a good book is the only chance you can get to meet famous personalities like Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Martin King Luther, Jr. This is the only place where you can have them talk to you only.

When I read a book, especially an autobiography, I get the feeling like my problems are nothing compared to their problems. The way Clinton became President of the United States, the way Nelson Mandela Walked long to freedom is just amazing.

By reading inspirational books you feel hope, you feel that you can achieve big things in your life, too.

Whenever I am sad, depressed or feel like I should give up, I read a book.

Vow to Get Healthier

When we are young most of us fall flat to bad habits. And these bad habits like smoking, drinkings get stronger and then start to deteriorate our health. No problem. You can really get rid of bad habits and start good ones.

If you are a smoker, decide to quit this habit. If you drink too much, here’s how you can go back to normal life.

While you are on the journey to normalization, insert exercise in your life. Join a gym if you can, or otherwise just opt to do 20 minutes walk a day. You will feel better, happy and wonderful.

Have a Larger than Life Goal

In order to get rid of petty problems, set a larger than life goal. For me, it is to become ‘Most Viewed Writer at Quora‘. It is to become the A blogger in the blogosphere.

Right now, I am far from my goal but I am working on it.

My this goal is encouraging me to learn new things, to improve my thought process and the way I write. This is because of my big goal that I am motivated enough to write, to research and to think.

You should also think about a goal that is way big than you. Once you are focused on your goal, petty problems like ‘why he is not answering my call’ won’t matter. You won’t be worried about your look. About all the things that are now teasing you.

Have a big goal and you will feel like you are doing something meaningful and that you are living a purposeful life.

Be Creative

We all are creative in our own way. We just don’t try or focus to get it out of our brains. Think about what’s that in which you can be creative. What’s that in which you can show to the world that you are different? Creativity has no boundaries.

For me, creativity is to write on a topic that’s been written thousand times. But my intention is to reach out the same topic from entirely a new angle. My goal is to add something new. This is creativity. This is making me better.

Save the World!

Yes, you can play your part in saving the world. You can do so by consoling someone, by being loyal to someone. By giving the best advice you know. By teaching someone a technique that can save someone a lot of time.

We all have problems, no doubt. But if we just forget about our own problems and look outwards in the world and think, ‘how can I help someone get rid of her problems’, this will be the life-changing moment for you. And if everybody starts to solve each others problems, this is just like saving the world. Isn’t it.

I save this world by helping my cousins prepare well for exams. I save this world by teaching students and by transferring my experience of life. I save this world by encouraging my wife to learn how to make frocks, and all the ladies stuff. I save the world by writing a big post on Facebook in which I tell what wrong I did commit that should everybody avoid.

You are equally capable of saving the world. The only question is, will you?

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