Following are the freelancing projects that I have done till yet. Please have a look to have an idea about my professional writing expertise, and my commitment for writing exceptional content for my clients.


This job is still in progress

I am working as Editor of SummaryofNews. My job is to summarize 15 US based news everyday and then to post them on it’s Facebook page. I gather news from websites like Reuters, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, and HuffingtonPost, and then make a short summary of them.

This job is still in progress

I am working as Content Moderator at I have to moderate classified section by letting good ads go on the home screen and declining the bad ads. Along with this, I am also responsible for managing events section. I check out event that are posted everyday and if they are okay, I approve them. My third responsibility is to engage forum contributors there. I have to make sure that forum members are behaving well, and are talking talking about controversial topics.

SEO Content Ghostwriter (Completed)

This was a confidential project . My job was to write about the importance of Backlinks in SEO and for Website’s ranking factor.

Stairlift Guru

I wrote four articles for this website, in which my goal was to educate disable people about having a Stairlift to get comfortable for going up and coming door from one floor to another.


I wrote a 4,000 words long post for the most popular blogging website named Bloggingtitan. The idea of my blog post was how to monetize a website or a blog in more than one ways. This post is among the top posts there since many months.

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