My Online Life and Experiences

I love the internet due to its open nature. I love that I can learn here anything and that I can teach anybody what I already know. I have gone from a learner to a teacher. Following are some links of my previous work that I have done on the internet. is Pakistan’s most respected, credible and authentic newspaper. I am lucky that they accepted my two articles and published in their Sunday newspapers.

Why cheat?: Cheating, not teaching!

Bagfuls of burden

Quora is the world’s best Questioning and Answering website. Here, I learned a lot and also tried to share my own knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. Luckily, my answers got over one million views, and I am still surprised how just this happened hahaha.

Here’s my profile: Waqar Ahmed | Quora 


Hopefully in near future, this will be a mobile application, but for now, it’s just available on Facebook. The idea is to write 15 summaries of US top news. I even do so on Sundays as well. | Waqaroptimist

I love the website and it’s my part of daily routine to spend some time chatting with some awesome forum members there. My favorite members are Xylophone, Zhenlai, and Lysander writes who are quite witty and have a lot of wisdom to share.